Colorado Springs: Small acts make big impacts in the fight against COVID-19



Health care, local government, education, and business community leaders, along with COVID-19 survivors, are asking you to join us in making simple #SmallActs to help make a #BigImpact in response to rising COVID-19 cases in El Paso County.

"The COVID-19 numbers in El Paso County have skyrocketed over the last month and we are in grave danger of overwhelming our hospitals and further impacting our businesses and economy. We simply must take action to stop the spread and reverse this trend. This is not something the government, the hospitals, the schools, or the health department can do on their own. If we are going to overcome this virus, we need every resident to take responsibility and start implementing small acts to make a big impact on our community." - Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers.

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you can do:
  • Being the first to mask up - even with close friends and coworkers
  • Stay home when sick or exposed to COVID-19. Get tested and tell your contacts if you test positive
    • Colorado employees are granted 80 hours of COVID sick time. Check with your employer.
  • Avoid gatherings with members outside your household, for now
  • Have students quarantine at home when sick or when part of a quarantining class
  • Combine trips and errands for less out-of-home exposure, or use curbside pickup

"Every step that we take to limit the spread of this virus will help to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed.  In recent weeks, we've seen a dramatic and concerning spike in the positivity rate in the community. At our hospitals in southern Colorado, UCHealth is now caring for just over 70 patients with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection.  Please take these warnings seriously, use masks, and avoid unnecessary gatherings. Most importantly, isolate yourself if you have symptoms so you don't expose others." - Dr. David Steinbruner, chief medical officer, UCHealth Memorial Hospital: University of Colorado Health.

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"We are urging our community to come together to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. Small actions taken at the individual level -- staying home when sick, wearing a mask properly, reducing social activities, and washing hands frequently -- add up to create broader community impacts. The only way we are going to get through these difficult times is by working together, with everyone doing their part." - Susan Wheelan, El Paso County Public Health Director

Communitywide effort is required to keep our economy open, hospitals operating at optimal levels, and our community safe. We need everyone to take proactive actions to help stop the spread. Please join us! Share your #SmallActs on social media, and tag @CityofCOS, @ElPasoCountyCO, and @ElPasoCountyPublicHealth.stats

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