Colorado: Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera Signs Bills into Law to Make Sure Every Coloradan Can Thrive

BROOMFIELD - Today, Lt. Governor Primavera is signing legislation into law.

"We are continuing to make sure that every Coloradan has the tools and resources they need to thrive, from high-quality health care to support for Coloradans with disabilities, and I was proud to be in Broomfield and Westminster today to sign legislation to advance this bold work," said Lt. Governor Primavera and Director of the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care.

This morning at Habitat ReStore in Broomfield, Lieutenant Governor Primavera signed HB23-1184 Low-income Housing Property Tax Exemptions - Representatives William Lindstedt and Lisa Frizell, Senator Dylan Roberts to make it easier for nonprofit housing providers and community land trusts to claim property tax exemptions that save them money, lead to more homes being built for Coloradans, and reduce tax bills for new homeowners.

At Front Range Community College in Westminster, Lt. Governor Primavera signed legislation to increase transparency in healthcare and make sure Coloradans have access to high-quality care, including HB23-1077 Informed Consent To Intimate Patient Examinations - Representatives Jenny Willford, Lorena Garcia, Senators Faith Winter, Sonya Jaquez Lewis, SB23-167 Board Of Nursing Regulate Certified Midwives - Representatives Lorena Garcia and Mandy Lindsay, Senators Faith Winter and Perry Will, and HB23-1199 Forensic Medical Evidence Process Improvements - Representatives Meg Froelich and Matt Soper, Senator Faith Winter.

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In Lakewood, Lt. Governor Primavera signed legislation to support victims of crime including HB23-1107 Crime Victim Services Funding - Representatives Monica Duran and Rose Pugliese, Senators Bob Gardner and Faith Winter, HB23-1222 Cases Of Domestic Violence In Municipal Court - Representatives Monica Duran and Mike Weissman, Senators Dylan Roberts and Faith Winter, HB23-1178 Court Personnel And Domestic Violence Awareness - Representative Meg Froelich, Senator Faith Winter, and HB23-1108 Victim And Survivor Training For Judicial Personnel - Representatives Monica Duran and Gabe Evans, Senator Chris Hansen.

This afternoon, Lt. Governor Primavera signed legislation to ensure that all Coloradans have the resources they need to thrive as well as legislation to support Coloradans with disabilities, including:
  • HB23-1296 Create Task Force Study Rights Persons Disabilities - Representatives David Ortiz and Leslie Herod, Senators Faith Winter
  • HB23-1032 Remedies Persons With Disabilities - Representative David Ortiz, Senator Robert Rodriguez
  • HB23-1136 Prosthetic Devices For Recreational Activity - Representatives David Ortiz, Anthony Hartsook, Senators Faith Winter, Larry Liston.
  • SB23-289 Community First Choice Medicaid Benefit - Representatives Shannon Bird and Emily Sirota, Senators Jeff Bridges and Rachel Zenzinger
  • HB23-1168 Legal Representation And Students With Disabilities - Representatives Said Sharbini, Junie Joseph, Senator Faith Winter
  • HB23-1263 Translating Individualized Education Programs - Representatives Lorena Garcia, Mary Young, Senators Rachel Zenzinger, Julie Gonzales

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