Colorado: Governor Polis Signs Bills into Law

DENVER ~ Denver - In a ceremony held in the Governor's Office today, Governor Polis signed several bipartisan bills into law. These bills were aimed at addressing various issues and concerns in the state of Colorado.

One of the bills signed was SB24-148, also known as the Precipitation Harvesting Storm Water Detention bill. This bill, sponsored by Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Brandi Bradley, along with Senator Kevin Van Winkle, aims to promote water conservation by allowing individuals to collect and store rainwater for personal use.

Another bill signed was SB24-035, which focuses on strengthening enforcement against human trafficking. This bill was sponsored by Representatives Ty Winter and Monica Duran, and Senators Byron Pelton and Rhonda Fields. Governor Polis emphasized the importance of this bill in making Colorado a safer place for its residents.

In a statement released upon signing the bill, Governor Polis said, "This tough new law increases penalties for human trafficking and will make Colorado safer. This bipartisan bill brought together law enforcement experts, survivors, and victim advocates to keep Coloradans safer and crackdown on human trafficking."

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Apart from these two bills, Governor Polis also signed several other bills into law administratively. These include SB24-021 which exempts small communities from certain homeowner association requirements; SB24-099 which allows retired public employees to work in rural schools without affecting their retirement benefits; SB24-138 which modifies county elected officer salary categories; SB24-155 which ensures payment of family and medical leave benefits; SB24-056 which requires out-of-state snowmobile permits and search rescue fees; HB24-1104 which prohibits the posting of firefighter personal information on the internet; HB24-1033 which addresses emergency management plans for individuals with animals; HB24-1100 which sets qualifications for coroners; HB24-1082 which supports first-generation-serving higher education institutions; HB24-1102 which outlines independent agency appointment requirements; HB24-1131 which focuses on local college districts; and HB24-1241 which aligns petty property crime thresholds.

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These bills were sponsored by various representatives and senators, including Matt Soper, Janice Rich, Tony Exum, Ty Winter, Barbara McLachlan, Rod Pelton, Janice Marchman, Mathew Martinez, Marc Catlin, Cleave Simpson, Julia Marvin, Faith Winter, Marc Snyder, Ron Weinberg, Nick Hinrichsen, Perry Will, Ryan Armagost, Elizabeth Velasco, Lisa Cutter, Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Stephanie Vigil, Rick Taggart,Javier Mabrey and James Coleman.

Governor Polis expressed his gratitude towards the bipartisan efforts that went into passing these bills. He also highlighted the importance of these laws in addressing various issues and making Colorado a better place for its residents. With these new laws in place, the state is taking a step towards progress and ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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