CR SEO Consulting & Training Founder Chris Raulf Featured on the Daily Ad Brief's "Marketing Champions"

Marketing Champions Interview With Chris Raulf
The international SEO expert was interviewed by Howard Wolpoff, who asked about the biggest changes in digital marketing and how businesses can keep up today.

DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- CR SEO Solutions & Training, a hyper-focused Denver SEO training and search engine optimization services agency, announced today that founder and president Chris Raulf was interviewed by the Daily Ad Brief for their weekly "Marketing Champions" segment. The interview was conducted by Howard Wolpoff, who asks experts around the country what is new in the field. Chris' segment focused on SEO.

Howard began the interview by asking how Chris got started in digital marketing. Chris, who is also the founder and president of BSM, a Denver SEO company, explained that he has been obsessed with SEO since the late 1990s when search engines were in their infancy. Consequently, he's seen every significant advancement–and disruption–in the world of web search from day one. In his opinion, though, the most dramatic change occurred just recently, and it was the primary focus of the interview.

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"Everything has changed over the last year and a half with major Google core algorithm updates," Chris told Howard. "And I'm super excited that everything is changing as we speak right now," he continued. "You've probably heard about ChatGPT and other AI content generation tools. Well, Google announced the launch of a competitive product to ChatGPT called Apprentice Bard that they will incorporate into their search engine."

With AI-powered tools, Google will only get better at returning the most valuable web pages for users making queries. When Howard asked what this means for business owners who want to climb the rankings, Chris explained how publishing high-quality content will be more important than ever.

"In August of 2022, Google unleashed another core algorithm updated called the 'helpful content update,'" Chris said. "It provides very specific guidelines that say, 'This is what you need to do if you want to show up at the top in our search engine.'" He continued, "Mediocre content will not do that. You have to provide something that's actually useful and solves a person's problem." Chris went on to explain that content generated by AI-powered tools like ChatGPT will not meet Google's standards. The interview closed with an effective alternative: the Micro-SEO Strategies℠ that BSM uses to help clients land the top slots on the SERPs.

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