Behavioral Economist Publishes White Paper on Pent-up Demand in the Travel Industry

DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- Sandra Thomas-Comenole, behavioral economist and award winning marketing professional, published a white paper entitled, "Are we experiencing pent-up demand in the travel industry?"

Almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the term "pent-up demand" has become the battle cry of the travel industry. Which leaves one to question whether pent-up demand exists in the travel industry, the factors that affect travel demand through these times and what the release of pent-up demand will look like for travel companies.

This white paper explores the question, "Are we experiencing pent-up demand in the travel industry?" through three data driven studies. The first study lays ground work for understanding and interpreting pent-up demand as it has existed in the past, specifically by studying post-September 11, 2001 travel behaviors. The two subsequent studies focus on travel destinations that have opened to tourist arrivals and the travel behavior exhibited as a result.

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About Sandra Thomas-Comenole
Sandra Thomas-Comenole is an award-winning marketing professional with over 10 years of leading marketing and sales teams in the travel and tourism industry and a rigorously quantitative education in economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. As a creative, driven, and visionary leader known for breakthrough results, she possesses a range of knowledge and qualifications that has allowed her to be an integral part of the success and growth of several companies spanning a wide range of industries.

Her expertise lies in successfully conceptualizing and implementing innovative marketing initiatives—including both digital and traditional media channels—to drive market impact and expansion. She possesses a deep understanding of product development, market research, international relations, strategic relationships, negotiations and social media management.

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Sandra Thomas-Comenole

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