Cultured Biologix responds to consumers starting at-home gardens due to Coronavirus

Cultured Biologix, the innovative organic fertilizer and natural pesticide company, is now providing online ordering and educational services as a response to those interested in starting their own at-home gardens due to Coronavirus.

DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- Cultured Biologix, a Colorado-based organic fertilizer and all-natural pesticide company, has invested in their online offerings in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Where the bulk of Cultured's customer base generally consists of brick-and-mortar retailers and commercial farms, they have noticed an increase in interest of people starting their own gardens during this pandemic.

"Our company has always been dedicated to providing natural products geared to promoting healthy growth of plants, and teaching people new to farming on how to grow food personally and commercially in third world countries. Currently, the need is here." says Timothy McCormick, President of Cultured Biologix.

With recent news coverage concerning our food supply chain due to consumer hoarding, decreased workforce and logistical strains, Cultured Biologix started receiving more inquiries from individuals about using their products to start their own gardens at home.

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"While we will always support our brick-and-mortar retailers, we understand that more consumers are purchasing products online while doing the proper thing of social-distancing themselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19. People now, more than ever, are researching "how-to" gardening topics online and looking to start new gardens this Spring. It's very important to me that Cultured Biologix is the company that steps up to freely share all the information new gardeners are looking for while providing better accessibility to all of our organic products." John Duncan, Vice President of Cultured Biologix said.

Where many small businesses are facing economic hardship during the Covid-19 epidemic, Cultured Biologix has been growing exponentially each year since they opened in 2017. Their expert staff of botanists and chemists have created a line of organic biopesticides, fertilizers, and no-brew compost teas, made entirely out of plants, minerals and essential oils. They believe nature provides plants with everything they need to grow and flourish but science has taught us specific processes where we can increase efficiencies by using mechanical actions coupled with probiotics to breakdown and digest organic materials so plants can uptake these organic nutrients quicker.

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"Our new e-commerce website will allow our consumer base to safely practice social distancing as well as help to educate a new generation of gardeners on how to successfully & sustainably grow their own food in times of crisis from the safety of their homes." Greg Moore, Marketing Director of Cultured Biologix.

Cultured Biologix will be offering promotions to all customers and promotional offers to their retail consumers all throughout the month of May. Visit their website for details.

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Source: Cultured Biologix, LLC
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