Online Simulation Designed to Help Persuade Covid-19 Vaccine Skeptics

Having effective COVID-19 vaccines available is one thing. Getting people to receive them is another. SimTutor has created a free digital solution.

BOULDER, Colo. - ColoradoDesk -- The most obvious challenges to achieving herd immunity so we can safely open up our economy are related to the production and distribution of COVID vaccines, yet one quickly emerging challenge is that many Americans are hesitant to get their shots.  In fact, 1 in 3 Americans say they definitely or probably won't get vaccinated.  There are a number of potential reasons for their skepticism but the purpose of SimTutor's new CVAC simulation is specifically to build confidence and remove any anxiety or lack of trust in the procedure itself.

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"We used SimTutor's proprietary authoring platform to design and build this simulation as a public service to help individuals see that the vaccination for COVID isn't any different from other shots that they have been given throughout their lives," says Ryan Flahive, SimTutor's VP of Product. "By taking on the role of a provider who is going to administer the shot, members of the vaccine hesitant public are able to reduce their own uncertainty and gain confidence to move forward with a proven safe and effective vaccination."

SimTutor's CVAC simulation gives an immersive experience of what to expect by following Russ Lambert, a real father and grandfather who was selected to be vaccinated as part of a trial rollout for Colorado's COVID-19 vaccination program.  In this simulation, Russ is your patient and you get to play the role of the provider.  As Russ says in the opening video, "the following SimTutor simulation will give you an opportunity to learn what to expect when it's your turn to be vaccinated.  SimTutor will walk you through all of the steps to ensure that you give me a safe and effective shot."

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About SimTutor and SIMTICS

SimTutor provides online procedural training solutions for a variety of industries and organizations.  Our market-leading SIMTICS training library focuses on allied health learners and delivers complete procedural learning modules that are built around our highly interactive life-like simulations.  The simulations enable students to refine their skills while limiting the risks of making mistakes with an expensive manikin or a live patient, while accurately replicating the procedures that they will be expected to perform when they enter the allied health workforce.

Ryan Flahive, VP of Product and Marketing

Source: SimTutor
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