Novel Title: The Legacy (New Fantasy/Suspense Fiction)

Fantasy/Suspense Fiction Novel for Young Adults and Adults (16+)

DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- Denver, CO: Mark Snyder Jr's debut fantasy/suspense fiction novel, The Legacy, is a fast-paced thriller with an element of the supernatural. Young adults through mature adults will experience the story of five main characters advancing the plot through its rising action.

The focus of the novel is a look into the actions of the human race and the book's protagonists each play a different role in being held accountable for, or rallying against, their responsibility in this accountability. All five characters' seemingly separate lives will eventually intersect through plot twists and unexpected revelations of relationships, both helpful and dangerous. The characters' ages range from infant to one-hundred years old.

"In Mark Snyder Jr.'s debut novel, The Legacy, a group of strangers' lives become intertwined as they embark on an exciting journey with many twists and an unexpected ending. I'd recommend this enjoyable read for 16+ readers. I can see high- school-age readers connecting to the many characters in The Legacy as well as adult readers." (Amazon Review)

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Readers can purchase the book now on Amazon in both paperback ($10.99) and electronic ($3.99) versions:

Interested readers can also check out more about the book, and interact with the author, at the book's website:

The Legacy is Mark Snyder Jr's debut fiction novel. Mark has spent the majority of his professional career teaching Writing Composition and English courses to college and high school students. Mark Snyder Jr lives in the metro Denver area and is working on two more suspense fiction novels, planning to be published next summer and fall 2021.

Mark Snyder Jr

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