Last Stretch for Seniors to Avoid COVID-19: Follow a Precautionary Checklist

DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- In lieu of scrambled and generalized information pertaining to COVID-19, Moshe Ziv, MD has managed to compile a comprehensive precautionary checklist for seniors to avoid the COVID-19 virus. As a senior himself, Dr. Moshe Ziv understands the cause-and-effect of various elements that lead to the high rate of sickness and death among seniors.

Despite the onslaught of coronavirus pandemic, there is newfound hope in the form of new vaccines. However, the roll out of vaccination does not mean seniors should forget about basic COVID-19 precautionary measures. The fact remains that the COVD-19 pandemic crisis is still with us. As of now, the total number of people who have succumbed to the virus in the U.S. is around half a million people. It is a staggering figure that makes seniors more vulnerable and at risk of contracting the virus, especially with the arrival of new variants.

The swamped ICUs in nationwide hospitals is no longer a secret. So, until there is a complete roll out of vaccination, seniors have to follow the standard preventive measures to mitigate the dangling threat of COVID-19. Dr. Moshe Ziv insists that even after being vaccinated, it would be wise to follow precautionary measures in place.

For the sake of simplicity, Dr. Moshe Ziv has decided to share a self-compiled COVID-19 precautionary checklist. Seniors should follow the checklist and appeal to others to follow the same suit.  Dr. Moshe Ziv, however, wants seniors to have an adaptable approach towards the compiled checklist. It means seniors should feel free to adjust or tailor certain aspects of the precautionary list to their specific needs and living conditions.

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Dr. Moshe Ziv sets forth a recommended checklist for seniors to follow until the pandemic crisis is under control:

Follow State and Federal Instruction

Seniors should follow the newest state and federal instructions or recommendations on COVID-19. Since most instructions and recommendations are subject to updates, continue to wear a mask, wash hands, and maintain a safe distance of at least six feet from other people.

Furthermore, avoid gatherings of people. It might be harsh, but you should also avoid family gatherings. Ideally, seniors should wear two masks, a face shield, and disposable gloves before coming to the vaccination site, hospitals, pharmacy and clinics.

Ask Family Members and Friends to Get Supplies

Another key precautionary recommendation for seniors is to ask for help from family members to get groceries and supplies. It would further distant seniors from potential exposure to public places.  Family and friends should initiate such help as well.

Maintain Healthy and Quality Online Relationships with Family and Friends

Since seniors are at high risk to contract the virus, it would be unwise to show reluctance or hesitance to reach out to friends and family members to avoid loneliness.

In fact, seniors should frequently get in touch with their close family members and friends via phone, email, and other modes of communication.

The idea is to help seniors maintain relationships and quality conversations through virtual tools to alleviate the burden of loneliness and isolation.

Ask Your Physician for Virtual Office Visit

Another key recommendation from Dr. Moshe Ziv to seniors is to have a proactive approach. It means seniors should call and ask for a virtual office visit via phone or a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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Through online virtual visits, you can discuss key medical concerns, update medications, and seek more medical guidance.

Give Verbal Consent to Your Physician

Seniors should give their physician verbal consent so that the medical professionals can check-in every now and then without preconceived reservations.

Plus, it would make it easier for seniors to follow the instructions and guidelines of the doctor. The same consent will keep seniors informed on pandemic-related news such as the vaccination process and other COVID-19 concerns.

Determine Vaccination Timeframe

If still not vaccinated, seniors should specifically ask "when" and "where" they can get their COVID-19 vaccination from. Your priority should be to inquire at your State Department of Health and Governor's office. You should check out local news and other sources that might give you helpful information.

Pre-schedule the Second Shot of Vaccination

Lastly, seniors should make sure to schedule the second vaccination when they get their first shot of the vaccine.

Dr. Moshe Ziv believes that it is everyone's duty to protect themselves and others through effective preventive measures.  You may go to for more information.

About Moshe Ziv, MD

Dr. Moshe Ziv, MD, is the CEO of Healthcare Outcomes Solutions in Denver. He is a former  Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgeon. Furthermore, Dr. Moshe Ziv served as an assistant professor at University of Vermont. He was also on the clinical faculty at Ohio State University for ten years.

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