Does it really matter who makes the music? Can an "anonymous artist" ever catch on?

For the record we did ask the artist's name. Sometimes you need to pick your battles.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - ColoradoDesk -- The Days on Earth is a new music project, not a band. It isn't publicly known who is behind this effort or even who may have contributed to the tracks. There is no "A-list" producer involved. No fans. There isn't even a record label. But as it turns out, none of this seems to matter anymore.

What does matter is the music. Without preconceived notions or biases or financial interests. Untethered from music industry machinations. Starting from absolute zero--which also happens to be the temperature of intergalactic space. It's all or nothing now (so careful which you choose!).

"Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe." That according to Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher, writer and founder of Taoism. A beautiful concept indeed! But could it be true?

That is what the 2019 release of "Life", a 4-song EP by The Days on Earth seeks to answer. What is the relationship between creator and creation? Are they one and the same? And if not, what then is the originating source of allelectromagnetic energy, including music? It blows the mind. Listen: < >

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I sat down recently with The Days on Earth and attempted to ponder these mysteries without words or other worldly limitations. I realized, however, it simply may not be possible to gauge that which by its nature is purely subjective: i.e., waves.

"Do you like the music?" and such. What is the point of even asking that? Do any of us need yet another source of opinion-based journalism? Especially now that it is commonly understood that everyone and everything vibrates at slightly differing frequencies. So, either music resonates with you, or it doesn't.

In this case, The Days on Earth is the continuation of a decades-long vibration that was recently recorded at 1116 Studios in Colorado. Brothers Justin and Ian (only in their twenties!) produced. This is as specific as this fact-finding mission gets. As someone famously said, "It's the music, stupid!"

And so with that, The Days on Earth invites you to immerse yourself with all of us for a happy hour (plus 11 minutes) of new music in the Colorado sun… the Playlist < >

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The Days on Earth is an independent music project and blog < > originally inspired by the Zen quote "Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe." In 2019, The Days on Earth released its debut four-song EP, "Life," available on Amazon, Apple Music and ALL major streaming platforms.

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