OSHA: A worker's Rights and Protections

DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health ACT (OSHA) was created to provide workers with safe and healthy working conditions. This is made possible by implementing standards and supplying training, education, assistance, and outreach. OSHA is tied with the United States Department of Labor, which is known for maintaining the welfare of workers, retirees, and those searching for a job.

OSHA provides workers with the ability to speak up about safety concerns in the workplace with no apprehension of retaliation. OSHA also provides workers with rights such as:
  • Working with safe equipment
  • Protection against chemicals
  • Request for OSHA inspection
  • The ability to speak with an OSHA inspector
  • Supplied with safety equipment per job
  • Safety and Health training made in a language for accessibility to all
  • View results of tests taken to scout any workplace hazards

OSHA is impactful to employees as it protects them and fights for their safety in the workplace. The standards set in place are vital, which is why OSHA requires various training. Three primary responsibilities of OSHA include recognizing hazards, examing workplace conditions, and employees utilizing tools and equipment properly to avoid harm.

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The main goal of OSHA is to ensure safety in the workplace. Employees who feel a lack of safety are covered under OSHA to report any issues. It is then OSHA's responsibility to assess and evaluate any report. If you need OSHA services, please refer to OSHA and speak to the staff at Mitchiner Law.

For more information about OSHA regulations and employee rights, please contact (https://www.mitchinerlawllc.com/contact) Mitchiner Law for legal advice and consultation for your needs.

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