Traveling Shamans Camp 2024 in Hotchkiss, Colorado

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Let the ancient shamanic practices of your ancestors bring you closer to your higher self and your higher purpose at Shamans Camp August 23rd-25th 2024.

HOTCHKISS, Colo. - ColoradoDesk -- Join the elders of Travelers Shamans Camp 2024 at the Special Events - ceremonies & experiences led by Choctaw & Navaho elders.  Each day will start with dreamwork & journaling with shaman whisperer Julia Widdop.  A ceremonial fire will be available throughout the 3-day (August 23rd-26th) event. A sweat lodge led by Navaho elder Bernard ends each day. See the currently scheduled Special Events & buy tickets @

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The free-entry Hospitality Hall with divination readers, healers, and body/energy workers will be at the air-conditioned Maloney House at the southeast corner of the Fairgrounds. Call Julia @ 970-200-5683 if you'd like to join the vendors at the Camps' Hospitality Hall.

The Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado, is a cultural preservation non-profit that works to preserve shamanic practices by facilitating the direct experience of these traditionally oral and energy-based practices through its various projects, including:
  • Sacred Witness - a field trip group visiting rock art & sacred sites
  • Visionary Artworks - a group of artists who create & use shamanic artworks
  • Barter Exchange - barter & exchange group of practitioners
  • Traveling Shamans Camp - annual ceremonial gathering

Julia Widdop 970-200-5683

Source: Shamanic Arts Center

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