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DENVER - ColoradoDesk -- Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., of Johnson City, Tennessee, is excited to announce the upcoming release of Bad Love Tigers, sequel to the best-selling Bad Love Strikes, by author Kevin L. Schewe.

Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO is a resident of Denver, Colorado. His first novel, Bad Love Strikes, released in September 2019 and has since received widespread acclaim, including reaching the top ten in multiple Amazon Best-Selling lists, and #1 in German Literature. Bad Love Strikes is set to premiere as an audiobook in the weeks leading up to the Bad Love Tigers release.

Dr. Schewe was recently interviewed on WJHL Daytime Tri-Cities out of Johnson City, TN. Watch his interview now at the following link:

In Bad Love Tigers, the Bad Love Gang are ambushed by a Russian KGB agent bent on stealing the secrets of the White Hole Project. Faced with telling the authorities or going it alone, the Bad Love Gang travels back in time to meet with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) for his advice and direction.

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To accomplish FDR's directives, the Gang must undertake a dangerous road trip across 1945 WWII America. Their mission won't end until June, 1942 WWII China, where the Bad Love Gang volunteer for the famous AVG Flying Tigers. In the forests of southern China they must protect the secrets of Area 51.

Bad Love Tigers is receiving rave reviews, including the following from Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame reviewer Dr. Grady Harp, "Few writers have the well-tuned skill of incorporating popular music themes to inculcate historical arenas that Kevin L. Schewe achieves in his fascinating Bad Love Book Series. With precision, humor, and imagination his contemporary crew transports us to other times, and the journey is terrific!"

Bad Love Tigers is set to release on June 24! The novel will be available for pre-orders on Friday, June 12th via Amazon, where readers can also get a sneak preview of the sequel.

Following the June 24th release, the Bad Love Series e-books will be available online for just .99 cents through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The sale will span July 10th through 12th.

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Get updates about Bad Love Tigers and connect with the author through his Instagram @realkevinschewe, or through his website:

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